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Here at ARG Immigration Law, our diverse team is committed to providing services to our extended community in the following languages; Spanish, Tagalog, Punjabi, and English.

We understand how confusing and stressful our legal system may be. Let us help you solve your immigration issues. We take pride in helping you achieve the American Dream!

5 Reasons To Work With Our Immigration Law Firm:

Avoid Mistakes. A good immigration law firm will help you avoid big mistakes when it comes to your citizenship or other immigration law needs. The law can be tricky, we help you avoid mistakes.

Experienced.  Many different issues can come up during immigrating to a different country. A good law firm will be able to benefit you by having seen many of the same issues you are facing already.

Explain Options. Oftentimes when immigrating, there are multiple ways to do it. Our law firm can explain what options are available to you so you understand what the best route to take is.

Faster Outcomes. We are able to navigate the legal system more quickly, since we are very knowledgable of US immigration law. This can potentially save you time by going in the right direction from the beginning.

More Secure. We’ll make sure everything is done correctly in accordance with the law. Immigration is a big deal, make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible so you can feel secure knowing you’re in good hands.

Our Consultation Process:

Step 1:
Call In For A Free Legal Consultation

We offer free over the phone legal consultations to anyone speaking with us for the first time.  Just call in to schedule your consultation with our receptionist Stephanie & we’ll book a good time for you & the attorney to talk over the phone about your legal situation.

There is no hard sell at the end of the call, or pressure to try to make you become a client. We will simply listen, discuss your specific needs, offer valuable insights, and determine if we have a case, and if we are a good fit to work together.

Step 2:
If It's A Good Fit To Work Together

If after discussing your case or legal needs and it's a good fit, we will move forward with the initial retainer. We'll then begin our discovery process which involves diving deeper into the details of your situation.

We stay connected with our clients & are easy to get a hold of. At the end of the day, we are problem solvers who know California real estate law extremely well. Give us a call, let’s discuss your legal issue.

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Our Services

Waiver Of Inadmissibility

A waiver of inadmissibility is when you ask the U.S. government to forgive the ground of inadmissibility & grant a green card despite this. Our law firm can assist with this process.

Removal Defense

We will represent you in the court of law & defend your right to stay in the United States if there is just cause. Presenting a well strategized legal case before the courts is important. 

Federal Court Litigation

From naturalization appeals, delayed petitions, writs of mandamus, denials, motions or other types of appeals, we can help you with legal representation in the court of law.

Green Card/Permanent Residency

If you need assistance obtaining your green card or permanent residency, we can assist you with the process. We’ll make the process smooth & as stress free as possible.

Family Immigration

It can be tricky to migrate an entire family to the United States and know what to do from start to finish. Let us help you get through all the legal hurdles & do it the right way.

Adjustment Of Status

When coming to the US, you may need an attorney to assist you in adjusting your legal status to that of citizen when you are already here in the US. We can assist with this process.

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Brian Clark
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the consultations really free?

Yes! We offer free over the phone consultations, that generally last between 20-30 minutes. During this call, you'll have the chance to speak to an attorney about your legal needs. No high pressure sales tactics, just pure value.

How far in advance are the consultations scheduled?

As we are a very busy law firm, most of our consultations are booked at least 4 days out. Sometimes we are able to find an open slot sooner.

Why should I hire an immigration attorney?

U.S. law can be complicated and changes regularly. Our attorneys are able to assist you with making sure you do things correctly. How your case is presented & the nuances in which the procedures are followed makes a big difference in whether you are successful or not.

How long does it take to get a green card?

It really depends on the situation, but the marriage-based green card process can last as little as 9 months to around 36 months.

What are my options for sponsoring a family member that wants to come to the U.S.?

The person may either come to the United States on a permanent basis or a temporary basis. How the family member can immigrate or visit the United States depends on your specific circumstances, which can be examined by an immigration attorney. Immigration for family members often depends upon whether the person is recognized as an immediate relative in which case a visa is available for the individual to immigrate to the U.S. Sometimes visa wait times for non-immediate relatives can be quite delayed (some for decades) and our Immigration Attorneys will be able to assist in formulating strategies around these wait times.

What are my options for immigration for my fiancé(e) living abroad?

You can sponsor the individual for a Fiance(e) Visa Petition or you can marry them in that country or a third country and file a spousal petition.  Each of these options has different impacts on the application to be filed, evidence to be compiled and when the person can enter the U.S. Contact an immigration attorney to formulate the best strategy for your unique circumstances.

A Word From The Owner

I started ARG Immigration Law as a way to assist with navigating the complex & ever-changing landscape of immigration law. My team and I work together to take care of your needs, whether complex or simple. We are able to work with clients from all over the world. We’ll get the job done quickly, professionally & at fair rates.